Brief catch up with Pawz One

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What’s the latest on Pawz One?
Everything is great just setting up more shit and mapping out my next couple moves.
How was the grown man rap tour you were recently a part of?
The tour was dope as fuck. We hit alot of east coast cities I’ve never been to and I was surprised by how many people there said they heard of me or listened to me before I got there. One of the best things about the tour besides Sean P making us all fuckin laugh was the love we got at every stop. Hip Hop is alive up and down the east coast. s/o to 22ventures, Sean P, Shabaam , Ready Cee, PF Cuttin, El Gant, Mic Handz and Starvin B.
And can you please elaborate on the top to bottom tour with El da Sensei?
well the tour with me and EL is something that I wanted to do for a while now. We met a few years back at a chinky eyed LA show in pasadena and him Tame and Kaos gave me props for talkin shit like i did i stage lol. Then we connected at SXSW and just kept in contact and started working. I named it the top to bottom tour to pay homage to the graff scene that both me and EL come from. anyone that knows graff knows what a top to bottom is and we’re doin the whole west coast top to bottom…or bottom to top. either way lol
Recently you’ve gained a lot of momentum and have started working with some of the legends in the game.
How does it feel to have the respect from artist like Ras Kass, El Da Sensei, Shabaam Sahdeeq ?
Honestly respect dont come easy and it shouldnt so it feels good knowing that people like Ras and Shabaam and others respect me as a MC and as a person. They are definitely people who have inspired me to do what i do so its unreal at times to be working with these guys but the thig i keep hearing is i’ve earned it so i appreciate it.
Would you at any point in the rise of your career ever imagined you’d be doing what you are doing now? Touring from coast to coast, being featured in numerous blogs and sites etc. etc.
Well when i was locked up i used to visualize being on stage in front of thousands of people or being in a studio with certain artists. I used to think of it so much i would literally have dreams of it and i would wake up and write and plan out my future so I saw these things coming because i knew i was willing to work for them. somethings just kinda happened so i thank lady luck for that shit lol
Are we gonna possibly see more tours put together by you in the near future?
My plan is to stay on the road. I’ve said this every chance i get but i love the people in LA, thats my fuckin home but the people running the hip hop scene here are only out to leach off of it till it dries up and then they’ll move on to rock or EDM or something else that will make them money. I have to go where the love and support is. If the people in LA come out to my shows and support then i’ll keep rocking here otherwise i dont know when they’ll see me again.
Whats the next move for Pawz One as an artist?
I never tell people my next move lol that only gives the haters and trolls a chance to sabotage my shit. so my next plan is to sign to aftermath and tour with eminem. or grow my hair out and start a punk band.
How does it feel to be working with one of the greatest magazines of all time (Steelo Magazine) lol
Its fuckin great! I want Steelo to succeed because they come from the gutter just like me.

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