Album Review – Pawz One “Face The Facts LP” by. Fredy Garcia


ALBUM REVIEW for “Face The Facts”  by. Fredy Gracia

When was the last time you picked up an album from any artist, listened to

it, and was like “ Damn, I can relate to that”? Nowadays it’s very difficult.

Too many artists talk about stuff that we can’t afford haha. They paint a

beautiful picture through their music. The women, the cars, the jewelry,

the clothes, and lavish cribs. Most of today’s kids that look up to these

dudes can’t even afford to buy an album from their favorite artist! so how

are they going to live that lifestyle that they paint as glorious?


Instead of educating these kids and helping them become aware of the

real issues like poverty, politics, police brutality, family violence, domestic

violence, slanging, gangbanging and that despite all that, there is ways to

make it to the top. They’ll never do this.


The kids idolize these artist too much and sometimes a lot of kids trying to

make it emulate these guy’s style. A lot of the music that I listened to

growing covered a lot of the issues that I mentioned. It was easy for one

to pick up a cassette or cd bump it and relate because a lot of the stuff

that they spoke about I would witness on a daily. Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not in any way glorifying pushing weight, gangbanging, police brutality

or anything of that sort. But, it was because I was aware that this was

\reality and I wasn’t the only one seeing it that made it easier for me to

cope through music.

And it was dope as fuck.


Dope beats and dope messages is what I was accustomed to and it was

something that I thought was near extinction. It wasn’t until I picked up

Pawz 1’s new album, “Face the Facts”, that I re-found my faith in hip hop.

This album is intense! It carries everything you would want to hear in an

album. There’s dope delivery, the lyrics are tight, and a few songs take

me back to the N.W.A days lol.


The content in each song is dope and has dope instrumental backing it up.

But, most importantly it is what the songs talk about that let the listener

sit there vibe to it, and be like damn all this really does happen around me.

It talks about Kids’ lacking education, poverty, death, trusting no one,

and dysfunctional families to name a few.


Songs Like :

“Face The Facts” (#2) off the album talks about fifiends, slums in America and how the mainstream in cancerous to the brain lol. “They look up to dudes like Wocka Flocka when they could grow up to be doctors” and

“that there’s many ways to the top” you just gotta find your own. There’s

always a way to loosen from the devils grip. You just gotta be aware of

what going on around.


“Trust No One” (#4). The lyrics to this song are nothing but truth. It’s

knowing who you could trust in life that will allow you to get by. You

always have to watch your back no matter what. “Got friends, foes and

family planning to creep, dammit its deep”. Even your closest friend or

family can turn on turn on you. “We all got a price, I’m wondering how true

it is”.


“Offificer Down” (#7). This song is dope hands down. It talks about law enforcement

harassment and it has that NWA Fuck that Police feel to the

beat. This one really caught my when he says “LA county sheriffs biggest

gang in Los Angeles” and its true a lot of us have had encountered where

these foos act like bullies. They forget that they’re minorities just like.

“They came from the same place(as us) and now they wanna chase us”.

Fucking pigs you the softest around you my two favorite words now?



“Blood Brothers” (#9) Man this song gets me every time! A story about two

boys and their alcoholic

parents. A completely dysfunctional family. They lose their father and

James (oldest brother) starts gangbanging and slanging. The hood life to

him was so appealing. Mark on the contrary was a good kid but he stole

when he had to. James was the mom’s favorite. She disliked mark because

of his heavy resemblance to his father. One day James claims that Mark stole his money. James fed up with all his shit calls him out and James draws a gun. The mom intervenes and drops both, but the gun goes off and she caught one her stomach, “She felt her eyes close, she heard god calling her name, Goodbye Rose”.

It’s unfortunate but there’s a lot of cases where a feud within the family

can lead to a family members death. I’ve seen it for myself in other families

and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

It’s songs like these that make an album dope. Writing about them alone wouldn’t give it justice. Pawz really out did himself with this one. Everything about this album is dope and I heavily recommend it. Just look up

Pawz One and restore your faith in hip hop. Llook for him in the next local

show, Cop a cd, and show him love. His persona is really portrayed in the

album. Songs are real. The man is real as it gets. Look for him on sound

cloud and the next issue of Steelo Magazine.

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