Album Review – Olmeca “Brown is Beautiful” by. Fredy Garcia

olmeca brown is beautifulOlmeca has never failed to fill our ears with anything less than amazing! His unique style brings a complete turnaround to the hip-hop game all while embracing his roots. In this album, “Brown is Beautiful” he delivers something special. He embraces culture and implement sounds from our parent’s era haha. I have yet to see another album like this. Cumbia, Electro,hip hop, and Traditional Latin American music( Andean)!. Songs like “Por el Suelo” sampled from Toto la Mamponsina’s (Colombian-African singer of indigenous descent) “La Verdolaga”, brings out culture yet has enough bass to make the speakers beg for mercy! Also, songs like “Browning of America”, which has a deep message. That we as Latinos have to embrace our color and culture because as Olmeca puts it, it’s BEAUTIFUL! The one track that really caught our attention was “Relo” which was sampled from the 1974 hit song “Reloj”, by Peruvian group, Los Pasteles Verdes. Describing childhood as a Latino and wishing time wouldn’t fly by all while being grateful for what we have! Simply breathtaking and beautiful! Thank you, Olmeca, for once again gracing us with such spirit lifting music. This album is a definite must have. Get it now at

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