Album Review – Kemo The Blaxican “Upside of Struggle” By.Fredy Garcia

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Remember back in the days when you could just get home and throw on your favorite Delinquent Habits CD and just chill out? Vibe out to some bad ass lyrics and instrumentals? All while the nice ass brass (yes, I meant brass not bass. As in brass instruments) kicked in the background.  With classics like, “Return of the Tres”, “Tres Delinquentes” , or “Lower EastSide” that were guaranteed to have you nodding your head straight through? Well, that’s exactly how Kemo’s “Upside of Struggle” will have you feeling! This album is a must have! With features from Sen Dog, Sick Jacken and the Dead Silence Fam, you know its great! Plus, the mariachi ensemble and dj scratching made the perfect combination for that original sound that Kemo is known for!  That trumpet Solo on “Just what you feeling” ft Sen Dog will have you getting goosebumps!  Kemos genius is just too hard to even get close to! You can’t match it. “Ain’t no body that can do this betta, bark on the mic cuz I come from the era that changed hip hop for eva. You rememba my steelo canijo might of made ya drop to the piso  hoy dia el quipo nuevecito, maziso, y listo”” “You don’t want to mess with mister listo”. it’s almost impossible to put together a review for this album. It is simply a breath of fresh air. It takes you back to the reason why we love hip hop so much!  The lyrics, talking about everyday struggle and things us common folk relate to, the beats, the mariachi sound, the delivery, and everything that this album consists of. For example;

Tracks like “Upside of Struggle” ft.  Anonima. Finding the positive to growing up sin feria make it easy to relate. Especially those who grew up in the east side, know exactly what it was like back in the day.

“Just what you feeling” ft Sen Dog. Man where do I start with this one. The Spanglish way this was put together was perfect! Sen Dog and Kemo both got down with this one. The Scratching, the trumpet, Harmonica, and the lyrics? Maaaaaaaan!

“La Chinga” man this song is so dope! The beat is so damn catchy but the chorus speaks nothing but the truth. All those hardworkers can relate! “en la mañanita tempranito a la chinga, entre mas la plata rifa mas y mas los que me quitan” its soo true the more you make the more they take from you. And people even considering resorting to crime to make easy money just to make ends meet!

I really have to give it up to kemo for this album! Cant wait till his next project to see what he comes up with next! This is only a reminder of why we have so much love and respect for the legend in this game. He never fails to deliver anything less than perfection, in my opinion. Check out the links below to get a hold of this album!


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kemo the blaxican-steelo magazine

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