Album Review – Dazer “Latination” by. Fredy Garcia

Dazer Latination Album

Latination is definitely one of my top five favorite albums this year. I’ve heard the Spanish hip hop before but the way Dazer put it together on this album, was amazing. It’s a great album it from beats, to lyrics, and delivery.  Es muy cultural. La implementacion de temas legales y a la ves agregando ritmo, es la perfecta combinacion para que entendiendan el mensaje y mover tracero a la misma ves. Songs like ;

” Poder Popular” Dazer ft tekun uman: “este es el movimiento para la union de nuestro pueblo”. The beat is catchy and the lyrics carry a message of unity. Us as minority, from students to field workers must unite to change our corrupted system. “Maria Fina” ft Hefty Lok: this song is dope! If you’re a pot head and can understand Spanish, this is sure to be a must Bump. “Cada dis me despierto con Maria Juana” haha “Sin trabajo” ft Citric: talks about how hard it is to find work. Especially, with not being able to speak English and being illegal. It talks about having to post up in front of Home Depot because the bills are piling up and rent is coming due. On the positive it says not to give up. To work at anything. Restaurants, gardener, and painting. All you need is someone to give you a chance. The rest of the album is sick. Songs like Dos Palomas, liberation etc… A definite must have for the true hip hop head! Find more on Dazer at Also keep a lookout for his 2014 coming soon!






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