Album Review – Brown Lucci “Dead Men Tell No Tales” By. Fredy Garcia


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“Dead Men Tell No Tales” by Brown Lucci is one of those albums that become an instant hood classic! This album is packed with dope lyrics and banging ass beats. The delivery is just immaculate! In my opinion it seems as though nothing needs to be cleaned up. The sound quality is amazing and the delivery is flawless! Each song has a reference to the streets, not giving a fuck, making money and taking by any means necessary.  Something that anybody from any hood or any common folk struggling can relate too! Not to mention the smooth combination of English and Spanish into the album. With features from Estado De Emergencia, Dazer and more! This multi talented compilation is set to catch mad hype! And trust , your speakers will love you for a cool minute!

Songs like Track number 10 “Foul Play” Ft. Estado de Emergencia, that talk about
taking what you can when you can. Kinda like Manifest destiny. You take when
you can when you can. “ No pain no gain, no blood no foul, kick a man while
he’s down take the crumbs out his pocket and knock the motherfucker out”.
Straight raw! Not to mention the Spanish lyrics! “No tiene caso que suenen los
putasos la Guerra y los balasos! Siente la tortura de esta guerra callejera!”

Track 11 “Heart Of Stone” by Brown Lucci. Exactly as the title says it, its about not giving a fuck. Rockin the pistol in the dickies “ nickel 4-5 in the dickies headed west bound on the sixty” this song is siiick. Taking respect in any way possible. This one is sure to have any body thet grew up in the streets bobbing their heads.

These are just a few of my top picks but the whole album is amazing! He really set the bar high for anybody releasing an album describing the struggle and street life. His hard hitting vocals , dope lyrics , beats and delivery , are unmatched! I have yet to hear another album like such. The way he flows carries such an aggressive tone that makes each track knock that much more! This is a for sure must cop!






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