60 East – Andy’s Song (Official Music Video)

After filing a lawsuit against the Pomona P.D for punching him in the face while handcuffed (which was filmed and can still be seen on Youtube) Andy Avila was later visited by Police Officers (which allegedly wanted the phone that had filmed them hitting him). After he did not cooperate he was shot and murdered in an alley behind his residence. The murder of Andy Avila led to a Federal Investigation of the Pomona Police Department. His family is still seeking justice for his murder. #JusticeForAndy

In 2013, there were 29 people murdered in the city of Pomona,CA.

This song is dedicated to not only the people involved in the stories mentioned but Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Treyvon Martin, and the countless other young men and women that have fell victim to police “wrong-doings”. Stay strong.

“I wanted to use situations that have affected my life to shed light on something that can no longer be ignored. This song is based on actual events. The events are not related, but they all did take place in the city of Pomona,CA. I was in someway connected to each of the individuals whose stories get mentioned in this song.” – 60 East

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60 East – The Freeway Series (EP Submission)

After meeting on Facebook, Artist 60 East and Producer Omega had a meeting and decided to work on a project together. The 5 song EP which later came to be known as “The Freeway Series” was recorded and produced in its entirety by Producer Omega. All songs on the EP were written while 60 East was on The #DOITour during the summer of 2014. The project which is very diverse in content ranges from topics of Police Brutality, Gang Influence, Love and becoming a father. This project will be the beginning of a new series by 60 East in which he takes his fans for a ride down the freeway of his life. Buckle your seat belt, and prepare to experience The Freeway Series Volume 1.


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